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New POS Systems

Combining our Hospitality Point-of-Sale Software with Terminals from our Hardware Partners, we offer complete POS packages from 1 to 90 terminals for new locations as diverse as coffee shops, quick service, casual dining, fine dining restaurants, to bars, night clubs, hotels, and major entertainment venues.

Software Retrofits

For most sites already in operation which have standard equipment, we provide a cost-effective migration path to a new and reliable software solution, while maximizing your existing hardware investment. Since our systems are designed to run interchangeably on a variety of hardware and operating systems, most legacy hardware can be used until it physically wears out, allowing you to spread the cost of a new POS system over years.

Leveraging the Internet and its related technologies, onePOS' oneMetrix Hybrid Cloud automatically syncs the data for each locations with our cloud servers allowing your enterprise access to information anywhere, anytime.  Grow from a single store to an entire enterprise all using the same POS and the same cloud solution.

Enterprise Solution

Engineered for your Servers


As the easiest to train and use hospitality POS software, yours servers will be ringing orders and closing checks in a matter of minutes and can intuitively navigate the system from there. Automatic modifier selection and conversational ordering keep them moving at a lightning pace and prevent mis-orders.

Engineered for your Managers


Your managers have a lot on their plates, and managing the POS should not be one of them. New items can be added in seconds and the changes automatically upload to every POS - no more refreshing data in the middle of service. An enormous range of reports are available anytime and from anywhere - including on their cellphone off site.

Engineered for your Kitchen


onePOS offers a wide range of exciting features including complete kitchen management. Through the use of kitchen video, coursing, job throttling, and consolidation - you have a vast new tool set to enhance your kitchen operations

Engineered for your Bartenders


Bartenders can access drink in as little as a single touch, and close out a check with the scan of a credit card. Pre-pay lets them record a valid credit card upfront before a large tab is accumulated.

Engineered for Owners


Complete audit logs and controls minimize potentials for theft and maximize profitability, all while allowing your employees to securely upset and modify items to delight your customers.

  • Flexible for Your Location - Mix Full Service, Bar, and Quick Service features together to make solution ideal for your operations.

  • Features you Need - Auto Combo, Auto Discount by Customer Type, Bar Code Scanners, Scales - with over 15 years of growth onePOS can handle virtually any need.

  • Cloud Data Management - Make changes to your stores data from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud Reporting - Access reports from any web browser.

  • Multi-Store / Enterprise - Change data for your stores and get consolidated reporting with ease.

  • Labor Management - Full Time and Attendance features, including overtime and exporting to leading payroll providers.

  • Real-Time Mobile Alerts and Reporting - Mobile Dashboard and oneConnect apps keep you informed of your real-time operations no matter where you are.

onePOS Core Features Included in Every System

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