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Welcome to OneSolution 

OneSolution is a leading provider of restaurant hospitality software solutions for the full service, quick service, bar/night club, and resort market places. OneSolution is powered by onePOS Software, they developed a easy to use, stable, and feature rich point-of-sale software solutions for the hospitality market using its brands onePOS, onePOS Mobile, and oneMetrix, that just works! The first installation with the onePOS product was in January, 2001 and has been installed on thousands of terminals to date. onePOS products are sold and supported exclusively through a worldwide reseller network.

OneSolution is a passionate team devoted to creating POS software solutions that simplifies restaurant operations while enhancing security and control, supported by experienced local partners and priced so that most operators can afford a truly premium solution.  OneSolution has grown and operated on these principals for over 15 years, and continues to grow today because of it. We are open to ideas and suggestions from the field and remain committed to enhancing the onePOS solution for its users.

Why OneSolution powered by onePOS?

One of the strongest features of OneSolution is that we adapt to your way of doing business. You no longer have to choose a system that is setup specifically for a bar, restaurant, or quick service operation.

Our flexible configuration allows each terminal to have the characteristics that you desire and fits best for that area of service in your facility.

It is common to have a POS terminal's configured for take out, dine in, and bartender operations all within the same site.

What about tomorrow?

OnePOS is reinvesting  highly into its product development.  This means your investment in onePOS is continually growing, becoming better every year and providing you with solutions you didn't even know you wanted and staying at the forefront as new technology is introduced and technology changes.

Can I grow with OneSolution powered by onePOS?

The onePOS solution is the same for a single store coffee shop to a 30 terminal entertainment complex to a chain of hundreds of sports bars.

As you grow, the onePOS solution is there to grow with you, providing a product that meets your growing needs while maintaining a price point that makes sense.

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