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Credit Card Processing

The chip card EMV devices that are being deployed in restaurants today are changing the way POS Companies are of  doing business.

An important fact when talking about EMV is that you will always keep your current bank. In certain cases, you will have to change the processor that deposits the credit card money into your bank, but your bank will always stay the same

Our OneSolution Merchant Services Help Merchants Streamline Payment Processing Operations

  • Integrated EMV  processing technology

  • Free customer care and expert technical support

  • Web portal reporting, daily deposit details, and monthly statements

  • Easy enrollment in 24-48 hours


  • With high-speed internet (IP) processing with EMV Chip Cards

  • Highly Competitive rates

  • Prompt deposits and monthly statements

Signing Up is EASY

  • Call x3 to sign up for credit card processing

  • Contact us to send us your last 2 statements

  • Begin processing within 24-48 hours

For more information and to chat with our team, call us at 888-395-8070 X 3 or complete the form below to see how much we can start saving you.

**We are also we are offering financial rebates toward things like your new “EMV Devices” and/or your yearly Support Maintenance Contracts up to 100% based on qualification.

Thanks! Message sent.

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