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onePOS Solutions - Bartenders

Our intuitive touch-screen interface places the power of the entire system at the touch of a bartender's finger. One touch ordering allows a bartender to quick select the liquor or beer they want with a single touch and swipe a customer's payment card to close the transaction. Speed and number of touches is absolutely critical to the success of a POS in a bar or nightclub environment and no system is faster than onePOS.

Fast Bar


Build convenience screens for the bartenders to quickly select their most common liquors and beverages and create hot keys to jump to other item pages for easy access to every item in the system.

Enterprise Solution

Consistent Pricing


Simple, flexible, and accurate up selling of both food and liquor allow your restaurant to receive every earned dollar of revenue possible while allowing customers to have the options they demand. Liquor drinks can be upgraded to a premium alcohol in 2 touches, and the cost differential and inventory are automatically calculated ensuring your servers are eager to upgrade items and that the pricing is consistent. Imagine having a Screwdriver and Absolut always ring up the same price as a Absolut and OJ.

Train Staff Quickly


As with all parts of the onePOS solution, training is measured in hours not days. Cashiers learn how to ring orders and take payments within minutes at the same time the POS teaches them the intricacies of your menus and pricing.

Shared Bar Tabs


Shared tabs allow your venue to have multiple bartenders serving many guests from several different terminals behind the same bar.  Each bartender can access the other's tabs and add additional drinks or accept payments.  Each bartender is fully accountable for their transactions.

Select Items at Close


For cashier sites, the cashier is able to select individual items on a ticket during check close and quickly process a payment for those items, avoiding long check out lines when a party of 12 at lunch all wants to pay separately.

Pre Payed Tabs

Pre-authorizations not only get a real-time approval before the customer starts a tab, but is 100% PCI compliant and can be used to both name the check and perform a fast close out when the guest is ready to leave.

Drink Recipe Lookup

onePOS comes with a 1000 drink recipe database that bartenders can use to quickly lookup obscure drinks on the fly.

onePOS Core Features Included in Every System

  • Flexible for Your Location - Mix Full Service, Bar, and Quick Service features together to make solution ideal for your operations.

  • Features you Need - Auto Combo, Auto Discount by Customer Type, Bar Code Scanners, Scales - with over 15 years of growth onePOS can handle virtually any need.

  • Cloud Data Management - Make changes to your stores data from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud Reporting - Access reports from any web browser.

  • Multi-Store / Enterprise - Change data for your stores and get consolidated reporting with ease.

  • Labor Management - Full Time and Attendance features, including overtime and exporting to leading payroll providers.

  • Real-Time Mobile Alerts and Reporting - Mobile Dashboard and oneConnect apps keep you informed of your real-time operations no matter where you are.

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