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onePOS Solutions - Managers

Our intuitive touch-screen interface places the power of the entire system at the touch of a server's finger. Training time is measured in hours, not days or weeks - with the system designed to guide a server through each action they need to perform. Friendly and inviting screens, graphics, and colors remove the intimidation of a computer-based system. We’ve made it super easy to enter, modify, print, and close out orders. Countdown and 86’d Items keep everyone informed about critical inventory and prevents mis-ordering or over-ordering. onePOS's unique automatic modifier and side selections trains employees on your menu and increases ordering accuracy, while making guest-requested modifications intuitive, fast, correctly priced, and clearly presented to the kitchen. A welcome change for both new and seasoned staff.

Complete Cash Control


From sales to comps - full management over server banks, cash-drops, and checkouts - as well as end of night bank deposits and credit card gift card reconciliation. No more mistakes managing your daily cash, forgetting to settle credit cards, or failing to catch shortages!

Enterprise Solution

Menu Maintenance Tools

Quick and painless menu maintenance tools make modifications to your database a snap and ensure the changes you perform are done correctly. Real-time updates to the POS terminals allow adjustments to be made to any aspect of the system and have those changes automatically appear at each running POS station.

Promotional Capabilities


Daily, weekly, and dining area based pricing and promotional capabilities provide a tremendous range of options for fine tuning your operations and driving sales during non-peak times - or making higher margins to offset costs during special events.

System Redundancy

Built-in system redundancy ensures you have a smooth running, virtually bullet proof system that you can count on every day – even if the main computer completely fails - all of your data is backed up on a standby system which can take over at any time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting keeps you informed. Flash reports show the performance of your restaurant in real-time – from sales to labor – from server performance to total income – know which dining areas and items are hot tonight and which employees need to be cut before they go into overtime. onePOS provides a full range of clear, concise, and accurate reports with the tools to help you pro-actively manage your operations, from either Front- of-House terminals or the Management Console.

Contest Reporting

Our contest reporting provides your managers a way to incentivize your staff to sell more of targeted items. Track server sales by items sold, dollar amount, or points (so you can weight some items higher than others).

onePOS Core Features Included in Every System

  • Flexible for Your Location - Mix Full Service, Bar, and Quick Service features together to make solution ideal for your operations.

  • Features you Need - Auto Combo, Auto Discount by Customer Type, Bar Code Scanners, Scales - with over 15 years of growth onePOS can handle virtually any need.

  • Cloud Data Management - Make changes to your stores data from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud Reporting - Access reports from any web browser.

  • Multi-Store / Enterprise - Change data for your stores and get consolidated reporting with ease.

  • Labor Management - Full Time and Attendance features, including overtime and exporting to leading payroll providers.

  • Real-Time Mobile Alerts and Reporting - Mobile Dashboard and oneConnect apps keep you informed of your real-time operations no matter where you are.

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