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Gift Cards

oneMetrix -  Gift Cards

onePOS offers an in-house gift card solution that can be easily set up using the oneMetrix cloud and the POS system. All transactions, including balance queries, activating new gift cards, redeeming value, and batching can be accomplished at both the POS and the cloud. Managers, owners and employees can add balances to new and existing cards both on and off site. The system also allows multiple locations to share gift cards; therefore, if a customer purchases a gift card at one site, then they can redeem it at another location within that group. The onePOS gift card solution is highly configurable, automated, and accurate, so you can be confident that your transactions are easily performed and settled quickly and efficiently.

Card history and Reports


viewing card history and other gift card reports is capable through the oneMetrix cloud. The cloud provides various types of reports, like a batch history report to view settlement information for a specified date range. Others include an outstanding gift card balance report and a liability report to account for balance reconciliation. Like all reports provided in the oneMetrix cloud, these can be viewed in various formats and saved or printed for future analysis. Learn More.

Multiple Uses


In addition to gift card types and ranges, oneMetrix provides the ability to reward or fee customers possessing certain types of gift card based on use of the gift card. For instance, a location could incur a $5 fee on the card if the customer has not used the card in the past 60 days. Conversely, they may set up a gift card type that rewards customers with an added value of $5 to the card if they have used the card in the past 30 days.

Card Types

Different card types and card number ranges can be defined using the cloud and the POS, so that different types of cards can belong to certain card ranges. Types of cards could include promotional cards, seasonal cards for holidays, or any other type that meets the needs of your location. This flexibility further allows you to set up $10 bonus cards that can be given out when a customer purchases a $100 gift card, for instance. Setting this up is very configurable using the oneMetrix cloud system.

Feature Highlights

• In-house gift card solution set up using the oneMetrix cloud.

• Real-time balance updating.

• Share gift cards in a group of restaurants.

• View card history review in any browser.

• Monitor outstanding gift card balances and redemption rates.

• Highly effective security engine.

• Flexible card types, use gift cards for promotions, special events, or employee incentives concurrently.

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