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oneMetrix - Reporting

Reports are incredibly useful for tracking certain data patterns to predict future sales, customer behavior, tracking gift card use, and various other metrics. onePOS provides the oneMetrix cloud as a means to generate various reports available at the POS, as well as other reports for gift cards, house accounts, loyalty, and online ordering. With the reporting solution, onePOS is committed to properly packaging data metrics so that the data makes sense for you and your site.

Fast and accutrate to use


Easy to use, the reporting solution provides filter criteria per report, depending on the report type. The majority of these reports require a date range for the reports. Either a consolidated view of the data within that range, or a date-per-page view will display the data for each date within that range on a separate page. Restaurant managers and owners can view this data in the following formats: HTML, PDF, CSV, and Excel. They may also save and print these reports for comparing views of the data.

oneMetrix Dashboard


The oneMetrix Dashboard also provides configurable sales reports and graphical views of these reports on the oneMetrix cloud home page. The most useful information is then displayed to you when logging into the oneMetrix cloud system. This feature is automatically provided upon ordering the POS system, so that you can quickly set the dashboard up to meet your needs. View your daily sales totals, coupon sales for the day, daily sales by department or any other type of sales report information that is most meaningful for your restaurant.

Feature Highlights

• View POS reports in the oneMetrix cloud from anywhere with an internet connection.

• Reports are also available for Gift Cards, House Accounts, Loyalty, and Online Ordering.

• Filter criteria for reporting - view metrics for specific date ranges.

• Various report formats are supported including HTML, PDF, CSV, and Excel.

• Download and print reports for future use.

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