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oneMetrix - viGuest

viGuest, the onePOS loyalty program, provides the capability to reward loyal customers based on their behavior. viGuest is a point-based rewards program that allows clients to customize how loyalty points are earned and redeemed. The setup provided is extremely configurable. As a whole, the onePOS loyalty solution offers various ways to set up, configure, track usage, and monitor loyalty metrics; and the solution is customized to fit what is best for you and your location.

Flexible and Easy to Use


Promotions that can be set up with this system include, but are certainly not limited to the following: purchasing three appetizers and receiving a free entree, buying ten coffees and getting the eleventh for free, and buying two bottles of wine and receiving a complimentary glass on the next visit. viGuest also supports earning and redeeming unique menu items for setting up a beer or wine club. This way the customer can only earn points for certain items only one time. The set up for this feature is easily configurable to meet your restaurant’s needs. Once loyalty is activated for a restaurant location, the remainder of the set up process is completed through the onePOS back office software and the oneMetrix cloud.

Sharing and Easy Lookup


Loyalty accounts can be shared for multi-unit locations so that customers can sign up, earn and redeem points at multiple sites. Account lookup can be performed quickly at the POS or in the cloud so that managers and owners can locate their customers in house or off site. They may also assign cards to and edit guest data using this feature. Customer behavior is tracked through utilizing the reporting feature of the oneMetrix cloud. Therefore, managers can determine what programs to push for future sales.

Constant Contact


Constant Contact can also be accessed in the oneMetrix cloud to export guest data from onePOS to Constant Contact; this feature lets owners and managers send emails to guests that match certain criteria - like anniversaries and birthdays. Restaurants can also go virtually card-less by allowing employees to search for guests by their phone number or email address (instead of using a card number) when executing loyalty transactions. This feature is configurable by dining area, so that restaurants can go card-less, for instance, at the bar and not in the main dining room.

Sign Up Made Easy


onePOS also provides various online tools and iOS apps for viGuest. There are two sign up tools that allow restaurants to provide a way for customers to sign up for the program either at an iPad or a terminal. This allows sites to provide their customers with a way to sign up for the program without having to find a server to sign them up at the POS. onePOS also provides customers with an iOS app and a website to login to and view their rewards and transaction history. Therefore, customers can track their own behavior and view the menu items that they have earned and redeemed, and that are available for them to earn and redeem.

Feature Highlights

• Reward loyal customers based on their behavior with the onePOS loyalty solution.

• Share loyalty accounts in a group of restaurants.

• View customer account history review in any browser.

• Custom-defined earning/redemption rules - as easy or complex as needed.

• Earn and redeem unique menu items - i.e. beer club.

• Various tools, in house and online, for signing up new customers and locating existing ones.

• Reporting to track customer behavior.

• Export customers to Constant Contact for emailing.

• Card-less system capable.

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