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Online Ordering

oneMetrix - Online Ordering

onePOS Online Ordering is offered as an in-house application to process customer orders online. The solution provides a means to customize the appearance of the web page based on the needs for the location. Each location can be set up to have a different user experience, and onePOS provides a default template from which to start. The template also contains various other properties to be configured for the site, including enforcing a delivery fee, kitchen open and close times, and minimum and maximum order amounts. The template provides a great starting point to begin customizing the web page for all types of restaurants. The onePOS Online Ordering solution provides simple and quick set up, and you can control the user experience to meet what is best for your location.

Fast and Accurate to use

Online ordering screens and menu items are set up simply using the onePOS data management system. Once configured for the data management system, the Online Ordering screens and menu items can be set up as well. Each contain online ordering properties that are defined by the site; these include an online name (if the name of the item needs to appear different online than at the POS), a sort order to appear on the web site, and if the item is featured to appear in bold font on the web site. Users can also enforce a charge on particular side item or on a number of side items or toppings. The system can therefore easily be used to set up a screens and menu items for various types of restaurants like pizza places, high end restaurants or sandwich shops.

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User Friendly


Online customers can join the onePOS loyalty program and log in their existing onePOS loyalty accounts when placing orders online. When ordering, customers can easily duplicate and edit items already in their carts. The web page is very user-friendly for the customers, and the same link to the web page works on any mobile device browser scaled to device size.

Flexible Payment Options


Various payment processing methods can be configured using onePOS Online Ordering as well. Paying with cash or at the store, paying with a credit card through Vantiv or TSYS, and TransSafe Gateway. Restaurants can also restrict paying with cash or at the store if they only want to process credit or online payments. So there are several payment provider options that can be used for setting up online ordering payments.

Feature Highlights

• Process customer orders online with onePOS Online Ordering.

• Customizable user Interface for creating a unique user experience.

• Setting up menu items is performed through onePOS Management Console.

• Set up paying via credit card through Vantiv.

• Set up paying via TRANSSAFE in addition to Vantiv and TSYS.

• Customers can sign up for loyalty when placing orders.

• Customers can duplicate and edit items easily in the same order.

• The same website for Online Ordering can be viewed in a Mobile device browser.

•Interfaced to all Major Delivery Companies using It's A Checkmate

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