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oneMetrix - oneSchedule

The onePOS Employee Schedule solution provides simple, efficient ways to create, maintain, and distribute your employee schedules. Managers and owners may use this feature by logging in to the oneMetrix cloud system, and selecting the employee schedule. The application is very easy to use; a list of your employees is shown by day of the week when initially loaded. You can use the weekly view to click on an employee and date to add new schedule records. Enter the shift time and save the record when completed. You can also edit existing records and delete records that need to be removed.

Daily View


The solution also provides a daily view so you can have a more detailed view of the schedule by day. Use this capability to drag and drop employee shifts to create daily records efficiently. In the daily view, shift collisions are handled properly so you do not have to worry about creating overlapping records.

Merge Schedules


The scheduling solution also includes the ability to copy and merge existing schedule records, so replicating an existing schedule can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Employee Schedule Feature


The employee schedule feature also includes various reports both in the cloud and within the back office product for viewing the schedule including filter criteria, so that you can view, save and print the schedules very easily. Please reference the Reporting section for further information regarding the onePOS Reporting solution. Lastly, you can use the scheduling system to add employee unavailability, so that you know when employees are out sick, on vacation or other type of leave. Then you do not need to worry about scheduling someone who is unavailable to work.

Publish Schedules


You can also publish schedules to finalize them. Then the employees will be notified that the schedule is ready for distribution. Publishing the schedule is simply performed in the oneMetrix cloud with the employee schedule feature. Employees will also be able to view their up to date schedules via the oneSchedule app for iOS and Android.

Feature Highlights

• In-house scheduling application used to create, edit and add new employee schedule records in the oneMetrix cloud.

• Weekly and daily views available for adding/editing schedule records.

• Copy and merge schedule records so that replicating a prior schedule is efficiently performed.

• Publishing schedules in the oneMetrix cloud.

• Scheduling reports are available in the cloud and the back office product - both include filtering criteria.

• Allows user to add unavailability for employees to prohibit scheduling employees who are out of town, etc.

• Now with Schedule Forecast

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