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oneMetrix - oneConnect

oneConnect by onePOS is the updated version of onePOS Mobile Dashboard for iOS devices. Like the prior application, users may view and track real time sales data for a set of configurable locations by selecting different reports available for each location. Data automatically updates in almost real-time and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. The app initially loads the most recent sales information when a site is selected. However, users may also track historical data by selecting an earlier date to view the sales for that date. Comparing current sales for today to sales on prior days is therefore highly efficient on oneConnect. onePOS plans to support an Android version of oneConnect for the long-term solution of this product. oneConnect is a great app to provide you with quick, reliable, useful information so that you are informed of restaurant activity while off-site.

New for oneConnect


oneConnect provides a configurable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) screen that allows users to track their most meaningful data. If a user  only wants to see sandwich sales for their sandwich shop, they can simply set this up using the KPI screen. There are eight KPI metrics that can be set up currently. A weekly view screen is also provided to compare the sales for the entire week specified for the current date or by a selected date. Multi-site screens are provided to view sales data across all configured sites. For example, if a store owner has five locations, they can use oneConnect to compare sales across all five stores simultaneously.



Alerts are now available on oneConnect and are fed directly from the POS. The POS Alerts generate an alert report and each users can determine and select the importance of each type of alert event and even receive push notifications of them as they happen. Owners and managers can be notified of important events that occur real-time at their locations without having to be there. For instance, if the location’s comps surpassed $300, a manager may want to be alerted of this via a notification on their phone.

Apple Watch


oneConnect also has the capability to run on the Apple Watch, which is capable of receiving notifications and shows the latest sales at a glance. Therefore, owners and managers can be alerted on the their smart watches in addition to their phones, when certain actions occur on site while not having to be present. Other features coming soon to oneConnect include two-way notifications, deep-link searching, and complications (showing current sales directly on the watch face) with the possibility of time travel.

Feature Highlights

• View real time and historical sales and labor information on standard iOS devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

• Allows for multiple stores for customers with numerous locations.

• Graphical views of the sales data are available.

• Key performance indicators are also configurable.

• Multi-site and weekly views available.

• Works with Apple Watch.

• Alert reports and notifications are configurable.

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