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Management Console

onePOS Management Console

Building on our flagship Front of House Terminal software, the onePOS Management Console combines ease of use with all of the powerful management features and reporting your business demands. Adding new items, querying an employee’s time clock records, performing end of day, and printing sales reports for last year can be done in just a few seconds, allowing you to spend more time managing your restaurant and less time running the POS.

Management Console has got it covered

All of the management functions of onePOS in easy reach

Fast and accutrate to use


It’s easy to create, manage, and maintain your menus; from the simplest to the most complicated. “Add Like” wizards speed you through and greatly reduce complexity, prevent mis- takes, and ensure consistency. Tabbed entry screens, along with next and previous but- tons, allow you to scan through almost any setup page reviewing information and making changes when needed. And our change item wizard allows you to adjust almost any merchandise information in a snap, based upon the criteria you define.

Impress your employees


The employee database is managed just as easily as merchandise, with the same familiar look, feel, and tools at your disposal. Each employee can clock into multiple job classes and unique pay rates for each.

Create, edit, and audit employee time cards, track labor costs by department or category, and view labor performance based on restaurant sales, guest counts, or number of checks... total control over your labor... the way you run your business.

Tools to manage effectively


Over 250 easy to read reports keep you informed on all aspects of your operation, with just a few mouse clicks. View, print, save, or E- mail any report. Schedule up to 100 reports to automatically print or E-mail at the close of each day. A wide variety of sales, server, item, contest, transaction, electronic payment, inventory, labor performance, payroll, scheduling, and other reports are available; most are definable by day part and revenue center.

onePOS offers unmatched employee and manager security. Grant access by screen, item, or individual function based on an employee’s security level. You can customize usage for groups in your organization, including owners, IT personnel, general managers, assistant managers, cashiers, servers, kitchen employees, or anyone else you need!

Flexability to meet your needs


Whether you operate a  fine dining, counter service, or quick service restaurant... a night club, high volume sports bar, or a billiards parlor... or a combination of any of these... only one POS system can meet your needs... onePOS.

Feature Highlights

• Query POS transactions for the current day or any past day. Search by server name, payment type, amount, time, table, dining area, even customer name.

• Manager notes allow you to record information about the day, such as weather, special events, and cash/over short related issues.

• Manage up to 500 employees, each with 50 unique pay rates and 50 different commissions.

• View employee time clock and sales history, for the current period or any period in the past.

• Pay employees by the hour, spiffs, or com- missions on special items sold.

• Send messages to employees to let them know of meetings, specials, or request days off.

• Tracks employee sales, tips declared, credit sales, and credit tips for government compliance (including TRAC).

• Manual time clock pay available to pay employees for working special events or attending meetings.

• Maintain up to 20,000 menu items, each with up to 15 levels of pricing, automatically adjusting by day, time, screen, and dining area.

• Track last item cost and generate profitability and theoretical food cost reports.

• Assign each employee a security level; effecting over 2,500 related system access features, as well as individual control to authorize specific front of house functions like discounting, comping, or transferring guest checks.

• Over time calculations, with user-definable setup, allow compliance to future changes in payroll laws without requiring software upgrades.

• Export data for use with other programs or services - XML format of almost all POS data for use by 3rd party inventory, scheduling, accounting, and reporting products.

• Direct payroll interfaces to ADP, Paychex, Heartland, and others.

• Track special event, promotional, or happy

hour price differences as a discount from the item’s base price for reporting purposes.

• Flexible menu item setup allows 15 modifiers, 5 tax rates, 50 tax rules, and 12 screens per menu item.

• 50 user-defined contests allow you to tracks sales of items for each server, driving sales. Contests can be tracked by dollar amount, quantity sold, or points (so you can weight certain items higher than others).

• Off-site backup ensures several layers of disaster recovery.

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