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Kitchen Video System

onePOS Kitchen Video System

“The  flow of orders through the kitchen has improved and the feedback that I have been getting from my employees has been all positive. The employees agree that the video system is much easier to read than the old printed tickets and with the 2 stage times. The 2 stage bump also decreases the amount of food that gets made twice due to not knowing what food is already cooking.” - A Satisfied Kitchen Video Operator.

The onePOS Kitchen Video System meets the

needs of any type of restaurant or

your unique environment.

The configurable system can enhance order accuracy, reduce food waste, reduce printers costs and fees, and meet operational and productivity goals.

Easy to train


The onePOS KDS solution makes it easy to train kitchen staff on the timing and  flow of your menu through the kitchen. Operators can even include detailed build instructions, such as the spec weight of individual pizza toppings based on the size of pizza ordered, on the prep displays.

Fast and accurate to use


Bump pads allow line cooks to quickly ac- knowledge new items that they are cooking and clear completed items. Automatic high- lighting in various colors indicate a change in an items status and  flashes when delay thresh- olds are exceeded.

Manage kitchen operations


Intelligent routing of items to the appropriate prep stations simplifies kitchen management and reduces communications between kitchen staff to keep operations running smoothly. The software coordinates cook times and ensures all items within a single order are completed at the same time.

Tool to manage effectively


Reporting is available both in real-time or historical formats. This critical data is an excellent tool for managers, as well as an effective means to measure performance. By comparing speed of service information to sales and revenue, productivity problems can be pinpointed and eliminated, which helps to improve pro t. All actions within the Kitchen Video System are time-stamped and captured, and can be easily extracted in user-defined record formats for use with third-party applications.

Feature Highlights

• Special colors and other on screen cues help control timing and synchronization of items on each order throughout the entire kitchen, eliminating kitchen quarterbacking and dramatically increasing food quality.

• Customized kitchen views are displayed on monitors at each prep station and at the expo station.

• Simplify kitchen management by allowing each menu item to  ow to its corresponding prep station at the appropriate time.

• Delay routing uses individual item cook times so that all items within an order complete the preparation process at the same time.

• Staff is prompted when each item needs to cook so the entire order  finishes on time.

• Dual bumping at each station allows the system to know and track both start of prep (cooking) and completion.

• Expo screen shows the status of each item on an order, through the completion of the entire order.

• Changes made at each prep station are indicated at the expo station, helping servers and managers quickly recognize the status of their orders without interfering with the kitchen staff operations.

• Once orders are fully prepared, they are automatically moved to the front of the expo screen, signaling front-of-house staff to make the delivery.

• Automatic printing of chit to send out with food on job completion or  final bump.

• Fast setup and ongoing configuration changes.

• Ideal solution for bars and nightclubs too.

• onePOS can be configured to automatically send the routing of items and/ or orders to a back up printer.

• Persistent data feature provides for immediate recovery of all transactional data in the even of system reboot.

• The system records service timing and

makes this production data available for

reporting and analysis.

• Real-time reports show cook times by station, average item times, and average order times.

• Reporting is available to keep management

informed on the performance of their operations and help identify and resolve trouble areas.

• Page employees when food is ready. Page managers when tickets exceed thresholds allowing them to control the issue before customers become inconvenienced.

Note: not all features available in every KDS solution. Consult with your onePOS representative to determine the best KDS solution for your needs.

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