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FOH Terminal

onePOS Front of House Terminal

The heart of every POS system is how you enter an order, and the onePOS Front-of-House Terminal excels far above all other POS systems. It combines over 15 years of real world usability experience with modern graphics and the industry’s most intuitive touch interface, offering unmatched ease of use and performance that enhances every aspect of your operations. Countless days have been spent minimizing touches and streamlining operations - every touch saved turns into hours of increased efficiency for your staff.

Through the use of touch screen technology

the power of onePOS is accessible at the tip of your finger.

Fast and accurate to use


By meticulously engineering every screen for rapid entry with the minimum number of touches; onePOS provides you with the fastest service speed in the industry. Automatic modifier and side selection trains employees on your menu, while making guest-requested modifications a snap, for both new and seasoned staff. This ensures your guests are correctly and consistently charged every time they visit.

Manage Kitchen Operations


Managing your kitchen operations has never been easier with onePOS features like meal coursing, job throttling, and expo consolidation. And with the ability to define item cook times, even down to the temperature level, onePOS helps reduce the stress of managing an extremely busy kitchen.

Utilizing printers or a video display system, orders  flow seamlessly from your dining rooms to your kitchens and bars. All items arrive at the correct times, are correctly marked with modifiers and routed according to the dining area and time of day. Smart printing of items and modifiers virtually eliminates unnecessary and distracting chits.

Tool to manage effectively


Front-of-House cash reports keep managers informed of the performance of their restaurant real time; from sales to labor to server performance.

Automatic daily, weekly, and dining area based promotion capabilities give you tremendous opportunities for driving sales. And with onePOS’ built-in redundancy, you are assured of having a smooth running, virtually bulletproof POS system, that you can count on every day, every night.

Impress your Guests


Automatic guest numbering accurately tracks menu items by each seat and automatically creates split checks for your guests. Our easy to read receipts eliminate confusion at the table and the user definable suggested gratuity line removes their stress in calculating an appropriate tip for their server.

High-speed payment processing allows almost instantaneous authorizations for credit and gift card transactions - less time waiting delights your guests while increasing your table turns.

iOS Terminal

The entire onePOS Terminal software has been adapted to run on all recent Apple iPad models, including iPad Minis (technically it runs on iPhones as well, but it is pretty small to use on a routine basis).  Various options are available to harden them against drops and spills as well as process payments right from the table side or order queue.

Take all of the power of our standard Windows based Terminal software and run it natively on any iOS device.  While the iOS Terminal is not going to replace all of your POS terminals, it has tremendous value when used line-busting during peak times in counter service or fast causal operations. It also allows cocktail servers to take drink orders directly from waiting customers and have those orders immediately print at the bar - taking 5-10 minutes off turn around time. Large sports bars are similarly enhanced with quicker delivery of both food and beverages. Servers working in outside patio areas with proper WiFi will also discover they can assist more tables and make more tips - without additional payroll.

Feature Highlights

• Table / guest naming - Great for identifying bar patrons.

• 15 levels of pricing - Automatically change by time of day, day of week, order screen, or dining area.

• Forced Modifiers - Require modifier selections and avoid mis-rings.

• Multiple Modifiers - Select an unlimited number of modifiers for each item.

• Retained Modifiers - Allows modification of an item after it has been sent, great for All You Can Eat promotions.

• No Charge and Base Charge Modifiers results in a no charge or +/- charge for the difference in price of an auto selected modifier and a new modifier.

• Split items - Allows an item’s price to be distributed among several guests.

• Countdown / 86’d items - Keeps your staff informed of limited items and prevents mistakes.

• Track 86’d Modifiers as a Negative Item Count for inventory.

• PIN, scan card or biometrics for system access.

• Floating Beverage – Prohibit the trans- fer of non printing items such as beverages.

• Abandoned Items - After a preset amount of time, items can not be deleted from the check without manager approval.

• Transfer guests between checks, transfer checks between servers or join guest checks.

• Pre-authorize credit cards - Allows you to securely run bar tabs.

• View, Reprint or Re-open Closed Checks.

• Track Re-Opened Checks by Manager and Time.

• Server or Cashier Banking - Even use both at the same time.

• Send Text Messages to any printer on the system from any terminal.

• Cook Times - Assign cook times to items and modifiers.

• Meal Coursing - Define the time between the  ring of courses.

• Print Job Throttling - Queue print jobs to be released at set intervals to the kitchen.

• Delayed Send.

• Integrated Time and Attendance - Computes hours, pay, and overtime automatically for multiple jobs.

• Real-Time Database Updates without interrupting system operation.

• Zoomed Out Dining Area - Quickly zoom out and see all of the tables in your dining areas with status.

• Clock In Message - Can be seen by each employee when they clock in, according to their Pay Category.

• Critical Item Type Ticket Flash Reporting -Provides  cash reading which shows all open tickets by item type. Useful for tracking buffets or all you can eat checks.

• Billiards Parlor Control – Manage the rental of your pool tables.

• Multiple / Split Tenders - Unlimited number of payments on each guest check.

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