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Electronic Payments

onePOS Electronic Payments

As the world changes to a cashless society, you need to ensure that your point of sale system can process all forms of electronic payments to stay competitive in the market. Payment Processing is an integral part of the onePOS system and was designed as part of the overall solution. It contains the features you need, both now and in the future, while maintaining the simplicity of operation you expect from onePOS.

Electronic Payments

Stay competitive and maintain simplicity

EMV + Mobile Payment


OnePOS supports all of the latest standards in payments, including EMV, NFC, ApplePay, Google Wallet, and of course long time standards such as magnetic swipe. Several options exist to let you affordable take payment at the counter, bar, or table side using wifi payment devices.  These processing handhelds allow a server to pull up a Check, select the guests, securely take the payment in front of the guest, and capture their signature without breaking the bank.

Fast and accurate to use


Payment processing is completely automatic, so you can be assured that the totals charged to your guest’s credit cards are correct and that everything will balance at the end of the night. The system even warns you when a server enters a tip that is excessive.

Easy to train

onePOS’ PCI Compliant and PA-DSS validated Payment Processing is part of the overall system, eliminating additional training as all features are just a natural part of using the software. For instance, swiping a credit card at a POS terminal while a guest check is displayed on the screen automatically approves that card and closes the check. You can ring up a beer and close it to a credit card in a single touch.

Impress your guests


Extremely fast approvals over the Internet (SSL) or conventional dialup (modem); approve cards in as little as 2 seconds.

Deployed nationwide in over 3,000 restaurants, you are ensured of a stable, reliable, and lightning fast solution that you can depend on. onePOS provides support for a wide variety of card types and  financial processors, which allows you to choose from options best suited for your business... you can even use multiple types of gift cards at the same location.

Tool to manage effectively


Fraud prevention built in - manager override can be required when keying in card numbers, performing forced authorizations, voiding transactions, issuing a credit, or changing a tip amount. The electronic payment irregularity report shows you duplicate card numbers, excessive tips, and manually keyed transactions for further control.

Batches automatically update system totals and appear on the daily sales report, ensuring reporting accuracy and providing a true over/short.

Feature Highlights

• Support for high speed processing via the Internet. Cable modem, DSL, and backup via cellular LTE.

• Full support for credit card transactions; including sales, credits, voids, tips, and end of day batching.

• Full support for gift cards; including sale, add value, balance query, credits, voids, tips, and end of day batching.

• Supports onePOS’ multi-unit web-based gift cards.

• All actions which effect an electronic payment happen automatically, such as tip adjustments, voids, and credits.

• Automatic updating of POS system totals reduces errors.

• Manager access can be required to perform manual transactions, cards which do not scan, force authorize, or re-tip a card.

• Batch summary report makes reconciling statements simple.

• Certified with major leading  financial processors... new processors are added all the time.

• PA-DSS Validated to ensure your security.

Supported Processors

Tsys - Auth, EMV, NFC, Settle Credit Cards Dial Up, High Speed SSL

Heartland -Auth, EMV, NFC, Settle Credit Cards Dial Up, High Speed SSL

Vantiv Integrated Systems - Auth, EMV, NFC, Settle Credit Cards Auth, Settle Gift Cards High Speed SSL

oneMetrix - Auth, Settle Gift Cards, House Cards, Loyalty Cards, High Speed SSL

Stored Value Systems - Auth, Settle Gift Cards Dial Up, High Speed SSL

Givex - Auth, Settle Gift Cards Dial Up, High Speed SSL

Heartland - Auth, Settle Gift Cards High Speed SSL

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