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Database Management

oneMetrix -  Database Management

The onePOS data management hybrid cloud solution provides the ability to manage restaurant data both on site using the back office product and off site with the oneMetrix cloud. Therefore, managers and site owners have the ability to maintain their restaurant data without having to be on location. For instance creating new menu items, adding new coupon types, and editing an employee’s pay rate can be accomplished using either capability. The master copy of the data remains localized in the back office product on site, and the integrity of the restaurant’s data remains in tact. Because the solution includes automatic syncing and is wrapped in an effective security engine, onePOS data management proves to provide a consistent, stable and reliable solution to meet your restaurant’s needs.



Syncing the updates from on-site to the cloud and from the cloud to on-site is performed automatically behind the scenes as changes are made. This way, the most recent data is always readily available. Historical edits of the data can be viewed from the cloud. Managers, site owners, and employees can then keep track of who edited what, and the date and times of these edits.

Secure Data


Restaurant data is maintained using a highly effective security engine. This way you know that the data is safe and protected. You are in control of managing the employees and users of the system, so you can define who has access to what permissions throughout the system. For example, you may want to restrict the role of a general employee from accessing selling gift cards or require a manager to swipe a card when this action occurs at the POS.

Feature Highlights

• onePOS supports both on and off-site restaurant data management, including menu items, employees and dining areas.

• View and edit restaurant data in the cloud off site with an internet connection.

• View and edit restaurant data on site using back office.

• Automatic data syncing from cloud to POS and POS to cloud.

• Edit transaction history can be viewed in the cloud.

• Highly effective security engine.

• Consistent, reliable and stable.

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